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  • Cannan Exfoliating Body Gel, Organic Skin Care
    Cannan Exfoliating Body Gel, Organic Skin Care

Canaan Exfoliating Body Gel, Organic Skin Care

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This gentle peeling treatment deep cleanses your skin curing damaged areas and stimulating cell renewal. Developed to be an organic peeling soap made from pure organic macadamia nuts, jojoba, and olives,to leave skin refreshed and invigorated. to be used everyday.

250 ml / 8.45 fl oz

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Canaan Organics system has been developed recognizing the healing energy of the plant extracts. These products are a distinctive compound of Macadamia nut and Jojoba oils, and xtraVirgin Olive Oil. These natural ingredients give back moisture lost through exposure to the weather. These unique goods contain no synthetic ingredients or chemical substances. The intentionally selected plant herbal extracts and essential oils are certified organic and grown by Israel’s certified organic farmers to whom the environment and  earth's natural resources are especially important.
The productive substances in Canaan Organic and natural Merchandise likewise incorporate whole natural nutrients.
The human body are unable to synthesize some vitamins and all minerals by any means, so that you must receive them in diet or as  supplement. The typical ways to get these are in vitamin and foods supplements but the physique can also get them from this kind of items as those offered inside the "Canaan" line of beauty products.
Canaan items consist of trademarked combination of Herb Extracts called CSE Complex™, the healing capabilities of those plants have already been known since time immemorial.
The developers of "Canaan" Range have researched and found a few medical plant life that are particularly great at the treatment of skin area. These are HypericumPerforatum and Lanceolata, and Plantago Lea. These represent the cornerstones of CSE Complex™