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  • Canaan Restorative Organic Shampoo, Organic Skin Care
    Canaan Restorative Organic Shampoo, Organic Skin Care

Canaan Restorative Organic Shampoo, Organic Skin Care

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A rich, fragrant shampoo formulated for your individual condition, based on essential oils from organic macadamia nuts, jojoba, and olives. The shampoo repairs damage and restores balance to hair and scalp.  Can be Used daily to prevent dandruff and dry scalp. 
250 ml / 8.45 fl oz 
Process Time (business days): 5
SKU : 16384
MSRP: $23.95
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Canaan Organics body and skin care goods have already been made with recognition of the healing power of the earth. Products would definitely be a different type. the products contain Macadamia nut and Jojoba  and virgin Olive Oil. These natural ingredients return moisture missing when skin comes in contact with the elements. These exceptional products consist of no artificial substrate, additives or stabilizers. The purposely determined pure organic extracts and aromatic oils are organically produced exclusively by Israel’s all-natural farmers union whoever look after the earth facilitating the earth's normal stamina.
Very little can compare to this valuable mixing of vitamins and healing plant ingredients. This is intrinsic to the facial, body and spa supplements of "Canaan" Line.
The body is not able to synthesize mineral the slightest bit, so you need to supplement them for your health. The typical tips to get options are in vitamin and foods dietary supplements nevertheless the system can also get them from the "Canaan" range of skin care products.
Canaan products and solutions have the unique mix of Vegetation Ingredients recognized as CSE Complex™, the healing power for these facilities have been completely identified since early times.
The makers of "Canaan" Collection have found and researched about three therapeutic plants which are notably great at the management of epidermal distress. They are HypericumPerforatum and Lanceolata, and Plantago Lea. These are the basic cornerstones of CSE Complex™