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  • Lavilin Cosmetics Foot Deodorant Cream
    Lavilin Cosmetics Foot Deodorant Cream

Lavilin Cosmetics Foot Deodorant Cream

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Eliminate any nasty, unpleasant odors from your feet when you apply this deodorant cream that lasts up to 7 days. Tested at a leading international research center, this cream from Lavilin is an example of Israeli cosmetics at their finest! 10m/ / 0.33 oz

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The desert climate of the middle east and the fact that many here in the holy land enjoy a good hike or walk both make proper foot hygiene an essential part of the daily routine. Take the time to help your own feet by applying this foot deodorant cream from Israeli Cosmetics award winning company Lavilin
Pamper your feet on that special day, and give them a bit of care. Your feet support you through all of your life taking you from place to place, and they need to be taken care of. Too often we forget how wonderful it is when our feet feel nice, but not today. Take your feet's comfort to the next level with a cream that moisturizes and deodorizes them and leaves them feeling nice throughout the day. This revolutionary spa cosmetic deodorant for your feet is the best way to treat your feet! This item is free of aluminum, parabens, and alcohol. Treat yourself and your family by switching to this natural deodorant utilizing natural herbs and other ingredients!
Lavilin is an internationally recognized Israeli cosmetics company. It’s founder was awarded the “Medal of Quality” for his innovative contributions to the cosmetics industry.