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  • Lavilin Jojoba Body Serum
    Lavilin Jojoba Body Serum

Lavilin Jojoba Body Serum

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Restore and rejuvenate your whole body, from head to toe with this Jojoba oil body serum.  Its many applications include sunburn and dryness relief, hair care, and scalp care.  The combination of all-natural ingredients also serves to prevent further aging. 250 ml / 8.4 oz

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This antioxidant rich serum, made with rich jojoba oil, is a cure-all for dry skin all over the body, from head to toe.  It makes a wonderful additive for bathing, massage therapy, and the care and maintenance of the scalp and hair.  When used on the body, its benefits include relief from dryness and sunburn, and helps to prevent additional aging.
The Israeli-based cosmetic group, Chic-Hlavin, combines the best of today's revolutionary technology and nature's gifts to provide all-natural skin care and cosmetics products.  Their organic skin care products include deodorants which omit harmful ingredients like aluminum and parabens; creams, serums, and lotions; and a plethora of Israeli cosmetics products.
This delightful spa treatment allows your body to feel rejuvenated and revitalized and makes your relaxation spa day all the better. Also wonderful as a gift, this is a great product from a great Israeli cosmetics company.