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  • Dead Sea Spa Cosmetics Olive Oil Eye Cream
    Dead Sea Spa Cosmetics Olive Oil Eye Cream

Dead Sea Spa Cosmetics Olive Oil Eye Cream

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A unique Israeli cosmetics product, this eye cream makes use of the good qualities of Mediterranean olive oil for the benefit of the sensitive skin in the area of your eyes. A perfect choice for your facial health, this cream has beautiful results. 30 ml / 1.01 oz

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Those of us who get bags or wrinkles around the eyes know that a good eye treatment can truly improve the feeling of the area around the eyes as well as making our faces look nicer. This delightful Dead Sea cosmetics product utilizes the nourishing and moisturizing effects of Mediterranean olive oil within the eye cream to refresh the area and bring it to its natural beauty and health. Its unique blend features pure olive oil as well as Dead Sea minerals to come together into a product that truly makes your face enjoy the health and protection the minerals of the dead sea offer.
This olive oil and dead sea Spa cosmetics product makes a great gift as well as a wonderful choice for your own personal spa day