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  • Dead Sea Spa Cosmetics Retinol Vitamin E Serum
    Dead Sea Spa Cosmetics Retinol Vitamin E Serum

Dead Sea Spa Cosmetics Retinol Vitamin E Serum

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Thanks to the perfect blend of Dead Sea minerals, Retinol and Vitamin E, with added Vitamin C and macadamia oil, this delightful serum will give your skin a sensation of natural vitality and provide it with a vibrant healthy glow. 50 ml / 1.69 oz

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This skin enriching serum contains a thoughtful formula meant to revive your facial skin. This Dead Sea cosmetic has Dead Sea minerals as the basis. It contains a perfect blend of Retinol and Vitamin E, which are known for their anti aging effects. They soothe fine lines and some wrinkles and minimize the pores. Spa Cosmetics added Vitamin C for rejuvenating effects on the nourishment of the skin, with its antioxidant activity and macadamia oil has an ultra-hydrating effect which provides the skin with moisture. The serum is aimed for a daily use. It is applied to clean facial skin and gently massaged in circular motions until fully absorbed. The result is a skin with a sensation of youthful vitality and with a beautiful vibrant glow. The serum is aimed for the mature skin and comes in a packaging of 30 ml.
This powerful serum belongs to the high-quality Dead Sea cosmetics, known for its effectiveness for ages.