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  • Dead Sea Psomedic , Psoriasis Multi Active Oil
    Dead Sea Psomedic , Psoriasis Multi Active Oil

Dead Sea Psomedic , Psoriasis Multi Active Oil

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Try this aromatherapy psoriasis oil to soothe your irritable skin.  Utilizing natural Dead Sea minerals, this oil will release unique healing properties to provide relief from psoriasis and skin irritation.

180 ml / 6 fl oz

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Use this unique psoriasis oil in the knowledge that it is comprised entirely from natural ingredients. Therefore, it is able to provide a totally safe relief from psoriasis, through aromatherapy, which utilizes essential oils from plants.  In this case, you will find an oil that is rich in sesame, geranium, eucalyptus and other elements found in the vicinity of the world famous Dead Sea. 

Situated at the globe’s lowest point, Dead Sea minerals are famous the world over for their ability to soothe and heal, thanks to a unique combination of important elements such as sodium and potassium.  These are the key to this excellent psoriasis oil, which really does provide relief from psoriasis and other skin irritations. For effective treatment, simply apply this unique oil for 3-4 minutes and rub in with a rough towel to produce excellent results.  If necessary, it is recommended to follow this by applying a similarly therapeutic psoriasis cream, which is also rich in Dead Sea minerals. Because this psoriasis oil is produced from entirely natural products, you can be free from the worry of any nasty side effects.  Simply apply the oil as required and discover the most effective available relief from psoriasis. 


Dead Sea Minerals,Sesame Oil,Geranium,Eucalyptus,Bergamot,Lavender.