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  • Dead Sea Psoriasis Cream for Skin Relief
    Dead Sea Psoriasis Cream for Skin Relief

Dead Sea Psoriasis Cream for Skin Relief

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The Dead Sea is a center for therapeutic treatments, thanks to the rich Dead Sea minerals found in the region.  Now you can cure psoriasis and other skin ailments thanks to the special blend of minerals in this excellent cream.

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The unique climate of the Dead Sea has made it a hub of visitors looking for relief from psoriasis, other skin problems and painful joints.  Now, the same special combination of healing Dead Sea minerals can be found in this skin cream which will relieve psoriasis and other skin conditions. 


Dead Sea minerals are quite simply unlike any other, boasting a special combination of magnesium, potassium, calcium and sulphur.  Their effect is to increase blood circulation, which helps to keep skin smooth and soft.  For those who suffer from psoriasis and other skin irritations, the impact can be quick and remarkable.


This special Psoriasis cream, one of a range of Dead Sea products, also contains various oils which include vitamins and anti-oxidants. All you need to do is to apply it twice daily to the affected area and you will see the difference of nourished skin after just a few days.