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  • Psoriasis Soap with Dead Sea Minerals
    Psoriasis Soap with Dead Sea Minerals

Psoriasis, Dead Sea Soap

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This is a soap unlike any other.  If you suffer from psoriasis or other skin irritations, this soap, full of Dead Sea minerals will help to relieve your condition. A natural product, you’ll see the difference by using it regularly. 

100gr / 3.52 oz

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Psoriasis is a condition which can cause immense irritation and requires soothing.  So, instead of using regular soap, use this special Dead Sea soap, which will help relieve your condition.  The secret is the Dead Sea mud which is at the heart of this product.  The Dead Sea is a unique spot on earth, where the climate and conditions contain special healing qualities.  People flock from across the world to improve their skin at the Dead Sea.


Now, the very same Dead Sea minerals can be found in this psoriasis soap.  They include an incredible 21 different minerals, 12 of which can only be found at the Dead Sea.  This special combination helps blood circulation and consequently benefits itchy and irritable skin.  Supplemented by aloe vera and tea tree oil, the soap is also incredibly soothing.  Just apply when washing and leave for two minutes.  Regular use will soon see results.