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  • Dead Sea Hydra Cream for Men
    Dead Sea Hydra Cream for Men

Dead Sea Hydra Cream for Men

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The Dead Sea Hydra Moisturizer For Men is a lightly-textured, quickly absorbed and highly effective moisturizer, specially-designed for today's man. This incredible Dead Sea Cosmetic is a blend of Dead Sea minerals and soothing witch hazel moisturizers that soften the skin, maintaining a velvety smooth texture. 

120 ml / 4 fl oz

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A wonderfully fragrant moisturizer for men, Dead Sea Hydra Moisturizer is made with natural minerals from the Dead Sea.  The Dead Sea contains 26 minerals, twelve of which do not exist in any other ocean or sea in the world. Some are known to give a feeling of relaxation,  to nourishing the skin, and aid in relaxation.  In addition, the natural minerals are critical for correct functioning of our bodies and the individual layers of skin.  Witch Hazel, is another component of this moisturizer and has an astringent effect on the skin.  Men’s skin care is crucial, considering that many men work out of doors, and the sun can wreak havoc on the skin.  In addition, shaving is highly irritating to the skin.   This incredible men’s skin care product will make you feel fresh and natural and you are sure to look your best.