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  • Orchid Body Care Gift Set
    Orchid Body Care Gift Set

Orchid Body Care Gift Set

New Arrival

If ever you found yourself wondering what gift set would be the best one to give a close friend or relative, you have come to the right place. This delightful gift set is full of hair care products that improve the health, sheen, strength and flexibility of the hair, even after damage.

SKU : 18971
MSRP: $104.95
Sale price: $74.95

This delightful Haircare gift package set by Health & Beauty is sure to pamper the hair of the lucky person receiving it. Chock full of Keratin, a naturally occurring building block of the hair, it is able to repair and restabilize damaged hair, giving it back its elasticity, shine, and strength. The elements, as well as certain hair treatments, can damage the hair follicle, but Keratin helps rebuild the hair that may be split, heat damaged, etc. In addition, these products are dead sea cosmetics, which means that Dead Sea minerals are included, giving your hair and scalp back any minerals it needs to grow healthy and strong. These products improve the health of the hair, and also the look, giving the hair a luxurious glow and fragrance, and keeping it soft, silky, thick, and orderly.  Included in the set are a Keratin Shampoo for Smoothed Hair (400ml), a Keratin Hair Serum for Smoothed Hair (50ml), a Keratin Hair Mask for Smoothed Hair (500ml), a Perfumed Keratin Hair Spray (200ml), and last but not least, a Moist & Shine Silicone Hair Cream No-Rinse Enriched with Keratin (400ml).