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  • Argan Life Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair Treatment
    Argan Life Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair Treatment

Argan Life Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair Treatment

No Longer Available

If you are looking for the best in natural hair products, then look no further than this Argan oil.  When used daily, you will soon see the benefits of Argan oil, in the shape of shiny, healthy moisturized hair.

100 ml / 3.4

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Use Argan for hair and you will never look back.  This Moroccan oil is the latest treatment for damaged or split hair.  Exactly what is Argan oil?  Well, the Argan tree in southern Morocco produces nuts, which when roasted can produce a tasty and healthy oil, often dipped in bread.  Yet, when the kernels are not roasted, they produce a quite different oil with a very different purpose. 


The Argan tree is now being grown in the arid deserts of Israel too and with this development, Argan oil is being produced which can be used to aid healthy hair.  Because Argan oil is full of nutrients, there are many benefits to it.  These nutrients include a great number of anti-oxidants, which ensure that Argan oil can be used to repair damaged hair, which has either been over-styled, dried too many times or suffered from inclement weather.


There are several Argan hair products on the market, but this pure oil contains the highest concentration of nutrients that you will find.  As it is a highly natural product, it can be used by anyone of any age and on all hair types.  This unique Argan oil formula will be an instant hit.