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  • Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Cream
    Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Cream

Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Cream

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If you have problematic hair which is difficult to keep in shape, then look no further than this incredible Argan oil hair cream.  It is bound to nourish, moisturize and also revitalize, leaving you with soft, healthy and comfortable hair.

350 ml / 11.8 fl oz
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The benefits of using this unique Moroccan oil are there for all to see.  Argan oil is the next big thing in hair care.  It has been developed from the kernels of the Argan tree, found in the deserts of south Morocco.  For centuries, its use has been restricted to the region in which it is found. Now though, word of its famed properties is spreading and the wonders of Argan oil are available in a variety of products.


This hair cream for example, is packed full of important nutrients.  The Argan oil itself is combined with pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, almond oil, grape seed oil, and Dead Sea minerals to produce a moisturizing formula.  It is especially useful for curly, dried or colored hair which is difficult to manage.  This Argan oil cream helps separate tough curls and gives them a healthy, fresh look.  It also helps prevent split ends with silicones that seal the hair ends.  Not only are the results outstanding, but using the product couldn’t be simpler.  Just massage it onto your hair, from the scalp towards the ends.  Don’t rinse it out, simply leave the Argan oil to work its magic and watch the results.