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  • Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Spray Treatment (100 ml)
    Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Spray Treatment (100 ml)

Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Spray Treatment (100 ml)

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Look no further for a totally natural cosmetic solution.  Argan oil is the answer to healthier skin and silkier hair.  Quite simply, the benefits of Argan oil are outstanding however old you are and whatever your skin or hair type.

100 ml / 3.4 fl oz

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It may not be as well known as other natural products, but Argan oil is quite possibly the most effective natural cosmetic treatment that you will find.  What’s more, it is also incredibly versatile.  The benefits include healthier skin and if you suffer from damaged or split air, you will find that a dose of Argan oil is the answer.  It is even possible to eat Argan oil as a tasty and healthy alternative to olive oil.


So, what is Argan oil?  For centuries, Berber women have carefully hand-pressed the kernels of the Argan tree in the south of Morocco.  The result is an incredible oil rich in a variety of nutrients, in particular vitamin E and certain fatty acids.  The anti-oxidants in these properties are particularly valuable in looking after your skin and hair and so a little dose of Argan oil can go a long way.  This Moroccan oil is pure, natural and incredibly beneficial to your hair and skin. 


In addition, Argan oil is not a product which poses any danger, thanks to its natural roots.  Therefore, whatever age you are, regardless of your skin and hair type, you can benefit from the delights of Argan oil.