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  • Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Spray Treatment (30 ml)
    Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Spray Treatment (30 ml)

Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Spray Treatment (30 ml)

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Try Argan oil and reap the rewards of a totally natural product.  This Moroccan oil is a unique cosmetic product, simply packed full of important nutrients that will ensure that your hair and skin appear younger and healthier than before.

30 ml / 1 fl oz

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Who would have guessed than from the depths of the Moroccan desert, a natural product would be discovered that can provide a comprehensive and natural answer to damaged or aging skin and hair.  Argan oil is the natural result of pressing kernels from Argan trees.  For centuries, local women have done this by hand, to release a Moroccan oil which has primarily been used for dipping in bread as a tasty alternative to olive oil.


But now Argan oil is being touted as the purest and most comprehensive answer to producing healthy skin and hair.  The benefits of Argan oil are found in the nutrients which are high in percentage.  They include rich levels of vitamin E, vital fatty acids and other nutrients, which include anti-oxidants.  These are the key to producing perfect skin and to strengthening the hair follicles which give a silky feel to your hair.  In short, Argan oil is full of moisturizing, healing and even anti-aging products and can be used on all types of hair and skin thanks to the totally natural basis to the oil.  So, just a dose of Argan oil will leave you looking and feeling better in no time at all.