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  • Natural Sea Beauty - Mud Body Care Set
    Natural Sea Beauty - Mud Body Care Set

Natural Sea Beauty - Mud Body Care Set

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Natural Sea Beauty by L'Oreal Israel Dead Sea Cosmetics, Mud and MineralsGift Pack containing:Mud Shampoo, Mineral Shower Gel, Power Body Moisturizer, Mud Cleansing Gel, Mud Body Mask, Pure Dead Sea Bath Salts.

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Natural Sea Beauty by L'Oreal Israel
Dead Sea Cosmetics, Mud and Minerals from the Dead Sea

Mud Shampoo 7.1 FL.OZ. (220 ml)

Specially formulated for normal to oily hair, this unique formula to oily hair, this unique formula is enriched with Tiberius Hot Spring's Mud and a unique combination of polymers that easily clean and untangle difficult hair, leaving it softer. The hair appears lighter, it naturally shines and stays clean for longer.

Mineral Shower Gel 10.5 FL.OZ. (220 ml)

Mineral Shower Gel gently deep-cleans your skin. Enriched with natural Dead Sea Minerals, It leaves your skin silky soft, fresh and hydrated.
This unique gel is perfumed with energizing essential oils.
A transparent liquid blue gel.
This shower gel is formulated according to the skin's pH. It contains three vegetal tensing ingredients:
Them are working together to create foam that reduces the aggression of the anionic ingredients. The gentle rinsing basis is thus obtained. It is transparent, and its melting gel texture enables an easy application of the product: it is rapidly transformed into smooth and abundant emulating foam. The foam is easily rinsed, the product leaves a light, soft and non-sticky film on the skin. The skin is neat and smooth.
The product is well tolerated by the sensitive skin.

Power Body Moisturizer 4.4 FL.OZ. (125 ml)

A powerful moisturizing cream with a light, oil-free texture. A unique combination of two powerful natural ingredients - seaweed extract and natural Dead Sea minerals - immediately saturates the skin with moisture to prevent dryness. Leaves skin more supple, and silky smooth to the touch. Recommended for any woman who wants to give her body a unique, fast-action, pampering treatment.

Mud Cleansing Gel 3.8 FL.OZ. (100 ml)

For all skin types. Mineral-rich Dead Sea mud unclogs pores and absorbs excess oil, dirt and makeup, to purify, refresh and renew the skin. Leaves skin feeling smooth and soft.

Mud Body Mask 6.8 FL.OZ. (200 ml)

Based on Tiberius Hot Spring's Mud, Dead Sea minerals and essential oils of Mint and Rosemary, leaving your skin soft, smooth, revitalized, help to relieve tension and relax.

Pure Dead Sea Bath Salts 3.8.OZ. (100 ml)

100% pure Dead Sea bath salts refine the skin, while alleviating muscular aches, tension, and skin disorders. Leaves entire body feeling refreshed and relaxed.