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  • Natural Sea Buckthorn (Obliphica) Soap from Dead Sea Minerals
    Natural Sea Buckthorn (Obliphica) Soap from Dead Sea Minerals

Obliphica and Minerals, Dead Sea Soap

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Obliphica soap with antioxidant vitamins cleanses and moisturizes skin and treats sun damage and discoloration.125 gr bar

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Sea Buckthorn (Obliphica) is a plant indigenous to the seaside that thrives on salt spray. The Obliphica berries produce a natural oil that is considered an exceptional moisturizer, and Sea Buckthorn is a vital ingredient in many cosmetics and beauty products.

Now, Health and Beauty Dead Sea Minerals brings you a mineral Dead Sea soap enriched with Sea Buckthorn, designed to provide thorough but gentle cleansing for the face and body. In addition to the Sea Buckthorn, this soap comtains Aloe Vera, tea tree oil, antioxidant Vitamins A, C, E, and K, essential fatty oils Omega 3 and 6, and rich Dead Sea minerals.

This soap penetrates the pores, removing dirt and residue. Dead Sea soap can help treat a wide variety of skin conditions, and is recommended for women after childbirth. Combat dryness, wrinkles, sun damage, and blemishes with this mineral Dead Sea soap that will leave your skin soft and glowing, supple and young-looking.

Use: Lather, wait one minute, then rinse thoroughly. Suitable for all skin types. It is recommended to use moisturizing body lotion after washing with this soap.