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  • Black Mud Liquid Soap, Dead Sea Products
    Black Mud Liquid Soap, Dead Sea Products

Black Mud Liquid Soap, Dead Sea Products

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Sea of spa has come up with a unique blend of their quality liquid soap in addition to the benefits of the dead sea mud. Enriched with obliphica oil and dead sea vitamins and minerals, this special soap leaves you hands clean smooth and moist.
500 ml / 16.9 fl.oz
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Sea of Spa's Black Mud Liquid Soap is one of a kind. It blends quality soap with obliphica oil, natural muds, and vitamins and minerals from the dead sea. That creates an effect of velvety soft and smooth skin, clean and moist from the unique dead sea mud.
The dead sea is unique in many ways. Not only is it a famous tourist attraction, nor is it only the lowest water level on earth, and it doesn't only attract attention because of its unique ability to float things. The dead sea is rich in vital vitamins and minerals that your body can produce but needs to replenish, which regulate your skin's moisture, block UV, stimulate the building of proteins and slow down the aging process.
Sea of spa is one of the leading cosmetics brand dealing with dead sea products and has over 15 years of quality products on the market.