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  • Dead Sea Hair Serum Drops by Sea of Spa
    Dead Sea Hair Serum Drops by Sea of Spa

Dead Sea Hair Serum Drops by Sea of Spa

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Concentrated Hair Serum by Sea of Spa contains healing Dead Sea minerals and other essential ingredients to repair damaged, dry hair. Just a few drops daily massaged into your hair will bring your hair back to its most healthy bounce and shine.

50 ml / 1.69 fl oz

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Concentrated hair serum full of vitamins and Dead Sea minerals created by Sea of Spa. Just a few drops and your hair will begin to regain its natural softness and feel.The combination of vitamins with the Dead Sea minerals is a unique formula that gives the hair a smooth gloss finish, seals split ends and rejuvenates your hair for a fresh, healthy look that is also pleasant to the touch.


Use: Place a few drops of this concentrated serum at the top of your hair and massage it down to the ends. For problem split ends, apply the serum directly to the ends of your hair. Can be applied to both moist and dry hair.