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  • Skin Relief Ac-No Cream by Sea of Spa
    Skin Relief Ac-No Cream by Sea of Spa

Skin Relief Ac-No Cream by Sea of Spa

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A delight of a Dead Sea Acne cream, Ac-no is a Sea of Spa product that naturally solves the problem of acne. Appropriate for teens or adults, this cream is a wonderful creation that helps you solve your facial problems.

100 ml / 3.4 oz
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Ac-No Cream by Sea of Spa is a terrific all natural option for teenagers or young adults suffering from acne. This delightful cream utilizes a unique essential oil complex along with Dead Sea minerals to conquer the acne's territory on the face. No longer will you have to deal with the bad looks and feel of acne, this cream is the perfect way to solve the problem without using harsh chemicals on your skin. Problematic skin begone, this cream is a spa treatment that makes you look and feel your best while nourishing and strengthening the skin. A truly wonderful Dead Sea cosmetics product, this makes a good gift for a teen who could use it, and it also makes a good choice for your own skin and facial health.