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  • Selah Parfum
    Selah Parfum

Selah Parfum

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Selah Receives TWO Top Star FiFi Award Nominations! Eau de Parfum for Woman: Timeless...Natural Elegance! Awaken the Secret from the hidden Treasures of Royalty.Net Wt. 40 ml / 1.33 fl.oz. USA delivery only!

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Selah Receives TWO Top Star FiFi Award Nominations!

A Secret Fragrance
Facts and raves about our signature scent
Like time, Selah is elusive and eternal. Our fragrance is formulated from plants and spices used in the crafting of a rare and ancient incense. Unearthed by archeologists several years ago, the formula was found in Qumran Cave, a site made famous by the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Scholars now believe this incense was used in fragrance to anoint Royalty. It is also said that King Solomon presented the fragrance as a gift to the Queen of Sheba, and that none less than Cleopatra valued it as gold.
Timeless ingredients such as frankincense, myrrh, jasmine and bergamot bring to life the ancient secrets of kings and queens in each bottle of Selah.

A Timeless Vessel
The origin of our unignorable bottle.
One finds an ancient flask, and from its spout
A spirit, now restored and much alive, pours out.
A thousand slumbering thoughts, dismal chrysalides
Within the shadows trembling like new butterflies,
Which set themselves to fly, as crumpled wings unfold
In tints of azure, frosts of rose, and flakes of gold.

- Baudelaire, 'The Flask'

Not your typical perfume bottle, our bottle is fashioned after a 1st-century perfume flacon discovered in the hills of Judea. Its blue body represents peace and tranquility, its white spiral motif, purity.

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