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  • Dead Sea Protective Sun Spray SPF30
    Dead Sea Protective Sun Spray SPF30

Dead Sea Protective Sun Spray SPF30

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Sea of Spa Dead Sea Mineral Sun block Spray - spf 30 is a different kind of protection for Body and Faced. The product is rich in proprietary Dead Sea minerals, Vitamins and Chamomile tea and Aloe Vera extracts to soothe your skin.

250 ml / 8.45 fl oz

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This unique formulation moisturizes skin while providing excellent protection from the sun's UV radiation. the product is the simplest sun block to use, and has a light texture to be quickly absorbed.

The product was independently tested and has passed the highest standard.
To use simply spray over the uncovered areas of your body, prior to exposure outside to sunlight. New application is indicated  after swimming or physical activity. Avoid extended exposure at all times to sun: when in the sun, reapply often.
Sea of Spa sun care products are well fortified with Dead Sea minerals and plants extracts like, Chamomile tea, aloe vera, and Vitamin E for treatment of dry, sensitive skin. This exclusive lotion increases moisture of your skin while supplying great protection from UVA & UVB. Sea of Spa Protective Sun Spray is doctor approved and proven beneficial for moisturizing and blocking Damaging UVA & UVB. The spray is easy to apply. Simply spray on your skin, as needed before exposure to sun. Researchers advise that sun block be used whenever sun exposure will exceed several minutes. To ensure safety in the sun it is necessary to re-apply sun block at least every 2 hours. In any case, to prevent excessive skin damage, it is best to limit sun exposure. Sea of Spa sun block spray should be applied again after wetting the skin (like swimming or physical activity that induces sweating). This product is not intended for use on baby's skin. Experts counsel restricting sun exposure for children under 2 years old.