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Celebrating the Shabbat - Fruit and Nuts Gift Basket

No Longer Available

This beautiful fruit basket is a great gift for any occasion. Containing a wide variety of dried fruits and nuts, the food basket includes figs, apricots, pecans, walnuts, pistachios and peanuts, and is decorated with prunes, dried pineapple and bananas around the edge. A unique present for any hostess, this fruit and nut basket is a sure winner.

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Set on a square clear plate, this gift basket is like no other. It’s brimming with an abundance of dried fruit and nuts grown in Israel, making this a most sought-after gift. Israelis love their nuts, and you can brighten their day with this array. The design of this delicious display is thought out well; figs and prunes lie in lines, dividing the plate into four corners, while pistachios, peanuts, walnuts and pecans fill up each corner respectively. Dried pineapple, bananas and prunes decorate the outer edges, giving the whole a finishing touch. As hinted by the name, this food gift package is a perfect addition to the Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest, and also for Jewish holidays. Both are times for family and friends to sit together and visit, making this fruit & nuts platter a welcome hostess gift. Whether given as a thank-you gift for hosting or as a condolence token, it will bring a special aura to the Shabbat or Holiday table. When a person’s in mourning during the shiva, the seven days after the death, the only time they get up to wash and shave is for Shabbat because of its holiness, and you can help them get ready by enhancing their Shabbat with this fruit basket. It will surely be greatly appreciated by all, and you will be known for your thoughtfulness. Mourning a loved one is extremely tough, and you can help make the transition into Shabbat easier for all. Globally known for its home-grown produce, Israel’s fruits and nuts are delicious enough for any dried fruit or nut lover to enjoy. The artist who design this gorgeous plate has a whole line of like products, so be sure to check out more of Esti B’s creations for an original and unique gift for any occasion.