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  • Chocolate Trio (ISRAEL)
    Chocolate Trio (ISRAEL)

Chocolate Trio (ISRAEL)


Send one of our legendary cakes to someone special in Israe.Kosher Limehadrin, Dairy

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 7419

Allow 1 business day, before due date (Israel, Sunday-Thursday)

MSRP: $0.00
Sale price: $69.95
NOTE: cakes can be delivered with in the following Cities:

Ganei Tikvah


Send one of our legendary cakes to someone special in Israel with a short dedication on the cake.
Three layers of meringue and three layers of chocolates mousse (Dark, Milk and white chocolate)
Ben-Ami Bakery
In Kfar-Vitkin, at the center of the Emek Hefer Valley, within a pastoral, rural atmosphere, Ben Amis cakes, whose reputation precedes them, are baked with a professional, caring hand. Ben Ami bakes cakes and confectioneries made of refined chocolate, fresh fruit, fresh cream and fine liqueurs, for private customers and for the best restaurants and cafes in the country. This is the secret of the taste Ben Amis cakes: high, uncompromising quality, excellent materials, gentle texture and creative design. All these have given the cakes a reputation among connoisseurs throughout the country.

All cakes are kosher lemehadrin under the supervision of Rabbi Weiss from Kfar Haroeh
and Badatz bet yosef

  • Size (cm): Diameter 26
  • Size (Inch): Diameter 10.5