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Condolences - Black & White Wavy Dish Serving Tray Gift Package

No Longer Available

This modern looking tray has three wavy sided square dishes filled with nuts. The alternating black & white serving bowls are filled with cashews, pistachios and honey roasted pecans. This gift may be sent as a condolence gift, hostess gift or simply as a crunchy treat.

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Long, and classy, this black & white serving tray is a modern twist on the basic serving dishes on a tray. Each of the wavy sided bowls fit into the next to sit snuggly on the matching rectangular tray. Brimming with delectable nuts grown in Israel, anyone would be happy and grateful to get such a tasty and thoughful treat.

The gift tray includes white pistachios, honey roasted pecans - called Pecan Sini in Hebrew, and roasted Cashews, each weighing around one hundred and fifty grams (approximately 5.3 ounces). The nuts are separated into each of the three serving bowls.

This gift basket is an appropriate gift for many occasions: First and foremost, this gift can be sent as a condolence gift, as nuts are a common food item put out in easy reach of the mourners, to show those you care about that your feelings are with them during their time of mourning.

Any Israeli host would be very grateful to receive this wonderful basket as a token of thanks for their hospitality. Many families enjoy munching on crunchy nuts at the end of a family meal on Shabbat and other Jewish Holidays.

Finally, this basket is a perfect gift for anyone you love who happens to have a craving for delicious nuts! No matter what the reason or occasion, this basket promises to put a big smile on the face of the lucky recipient.

Esti B., the creator and designer of this basket, has designed many other original and creative baskets and other gifts to fit every occasion and every mood. To find the perfect gift for the one you love, make sure to check out Esti's other marvelous creations.