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Cupcakes for Baby - Pretty & Practical Baby Gift Basket

No Longer Available

This adorable baby gift looks good enough to eat! Made from essential baby products, and sitting on a reusable 5 piece serving tray, this unique gift basket will brighten any parents' day.

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MSRP: $92.95
Sale price: $59.95

Not exactly a baby diaper cake, but extremely creative and cute nonetheless. These baby cupcakes are sure to be a big hit. The cupcakes are made of various baby products, and includes socks, onesie, footsie, burping diaper and a bath sponge, starting the new parents out on the right foot. The marzipan and sweet candy shapes on top of each cupcake will provide a yummy treat for the parents and older siblings Finding an original and unique gift basket is hard to find, yet the Israeli creator did a wonderful job of designing cute and useful baby gifts, such as the one displayed. Served as it is in 4 bowls on a square serving tray, it can also be given as a hostess gift or a baby shower present, thrilling the expectant mother with such a thoughtful gift. Birth are meant to be a time of togetherness and joy, and you can add to the happiness with this custom gift basket, made and designed with something wonderful for everyone involved. You can't go wrong when giving this baby gift, whether it’s for friends, family or associates. These delightful little cupcakes are a great unisex baby gift, and a definite winner for any cute, little baby. The essentials combined with the cute and yummy add-ons make a wonderful baby present, and the parents will be so grateful for the thought you put into picking out the perfect present for their little angel. Gift basket is delivered to the mom and baby’s home.