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Expectant Surprise-Baby and New Parents

No Longer Available

This specialty gift basket is perfect as a baby shower present, giving both baby and his loving parents a special treat. This present is a custom-made gift basket and is just right as either a boy or girl baby gift.

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MSRP: $216.95
Sale price: $139.95

Whether it’s a first-born child, fifth child or (gulp) fifteenth, this custom gift basket will brighten the new baby’s parents’ days, months and years. Exquisitely rolled and folded to resemble a bouquet of flowers, these unisex, high-quality and adorable baby clothes are always appreciated, while the thoughtful addition of a bottle of wine and two champagne glasses for the parents certainly won’t go unnoticed. Combined with a cute and cuddly 25cm stuffed animal to top it all off, this unique gift basket is a sure winner, guaranteed to thrill the new parents. This basket is also a terrific gift before the birth - as a baby shower present, or even a contribution to the planning of baby shower themes and baby shower decorations. The new mother will be happily surprised to see that you’ve thought of everyone and everything when bringing this along. Births are meant to be a time of happiness and congratulations, and you can add to the joy by bringing them this fantastic package. To give those you love and care for the most a joyous follow-up to childbirth, hurry and order this specialty gift basket today. Nothing makes new (or old-time) parents happier than feeling that their family and friends are sharing in their happiness, and presenting this delightful baby-gift basket is the perfect way to express your happiness and show that you’re sharing in their happiness.