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  • Fondue Magic Fruit and Dip Gift Tray – Israel Delivery only
    Fondue Magic Fruit and Dip Gift Tray – Israel Delivery only

Fondue Magic Fruit and Dip Gift Tray – Israel Delivery only


Designed, sliced and arranged by a Master Chef from Kesem HaPri [the magic of fruit]. Exclusive gift basket delivered in Israel only. Can also be ordered as Kosher for Passover, Rabbinate of Be'er Yaakov

Process Time (business days): 1
SKU : 7550

Allow 1 business day, before due date (Israel, Sunday-Thursday)

MSRP: $249.00
Sale price: $149.95

Special Birthday? Anniversary? Mother's day? Do you have a romantic date planned and the whole night before you? Order the "Magic Fondue" gift tray – an amazing selection of ripe fruit, sliced, peeled and ready to eat, arranged on a decorative platter, along with brown and white chocolate pieces and melting burner. Take your time, light the candle and let the heat melt the chocolate. As the sweet scent of warm chocolate fills the air, select a piece of the juicy fruit with the included fork, dip it in chocolate and ... Allow yourself to enjoy ... Delicious? Want another bite? Then feed each other, enjoy the intimate conversation... What a great relaxing idea!

The moments of "Magic Fondue" special occasion gift tray will include a selection of*;
Chilled watermelon and melon balls; moist dates; red and/or orange sabra fruits; juicy kiwi slices; sweet chunks of pineapple; fresh coconut slices; ripe strawberries; sweet black and green grapes, brown and white chocolate pieces.
Cut fruit pieces are served on a bed of natural green leaves.
Stainless steel tray 55 cm in diameter
Porcelain fondue set with special heating lamp
Round crystal dessert dishes Hors d'overs forks / spoons, so you can start enjoying these edible treats immediately.

* This image is for illustration purposes only! Changes may be made in the variety of fruits in accordance with the seasons.

  • Genre: Israel - Fresh Fruit Platters