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Fruit of the Land - Dried fruit and Nuts Gift Package

No Longer Available

This beautiful red platter contains some of the finest Israeli fruits and nuts, and is a great gift for different occasions. Each kind of fruit is set in its own square dish atop the plate, making a total of four different treats. To thank a hostess appropriately or send someone a condolence gift, this food basket does the job.

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Israelis are known for their love of nuts of any kind, and you can give people what they want with this delicious fruit and nuts basket, brightening their day to no end. Including four types of dried fruit or nuts, the red square platter gives the gift a sturdy base, while the square shaped bowl are filled with yummy treats, such as pistachios, apricots, almonds and prunes. Each variety of fruit weighs about one hundred and fifty grams (approximately 5.3 ounces), giving anyone a satisfying snack.

Israel’s delicious fruits are globally known, and although none of the foods above are from the seven species (e.g. wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranate, olives and dates), they were grown with the same care as any other plant in Israel. Once thought barren and devoid of any fertile land, now Israel is abundant with many varieties of fruit, ranging from oranges to delicious wines, and this fruit basket is filled with examples of Israel’s splendor. This would make an ideal addition to any Tu Bishvat feast, as Tu Bishvat is the time of celebrating Israel’s trees and growth.

It also sends your condolences to a griever, showing him you’re thinking of him during this rough period in his life. Any hostess will be grateful and pleased to get this delightful food basket, and any Israeli would appreciate these fruits and nuts.

Carefully designed to please, the Israeli creator of this fruit basket has many other such gifts, so make sure to check out other Esti B’s products for a treat for the all the senses to enjoy. Esti specializes in unique and original gift baskets, anyone would be extremely happy to get them, and you can be the bearer of good food and nice presents by giving them to your friends and family.