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  • Box Whisperer Gift Basket
    Box Whisperer Gift Basket

Box Whisperer Gift Basket

New Arrival

The "Box Whisperer" giftbasket is the perfect choice for the connoisseur of delightful alcoholic beverages in your life. This chocolates basket includes two types of Jack Daniels whiskey in chocolate form, Cupido chocolates with alcohol, Laroshel chocolate with alcohol, pralines filled with Mieszko, plus some Ferro Roche chocolates.

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SKU : 19042

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MSRP: $129.95
Sale price: $89.95
2 x Bonbonitre Cupid Alcohol
Laroshell alcohol 
Ferrero Roche 100g
Jack Daniels Chocolate Whiskey 
Jack Daniels - Honey Chocolate 
Ferrero Roche 
 stuffed pralines