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  • Taste of Israel Gift Box
    Taste of Israel Gift Box

Taste of Israel Gift Box Lemongrass Tea Tahini Honey Olive Oil Date Halva Silan

New Arrival

Taste the flavors of Israel in this wonderful gift box with lemongrass tea, a tahini box, honey, olive oil, date spread, halva spread and silan. The natural sweeteners of the holy land as well as some of their other best flavors are included here.

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MSRP: $116.95
Sale price: $92.95

Taste the amazing flavors of the holy land in this delightful delicious gift box with herbal lemongrass tea and honey or silan to mix into it, a box of two types of tahini, olive oil, and date spread and halva spread to complete the perfect basket of delicacies from Israel. The natural flavors of the land compliment each other and show the decadent strong flavors enjoyed in this part of the world. Share the delightful foods and drinks of Israel with your friends, family or coworkers who love Israel on any occasion with this gift box, and it is sure to be well received. House warmings, anniversaries, birthdays or visits can all be mae better with a taste of Israel.