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  • Taste of Israel Gift Box with Sweet Tahini Box Olive Oil
    Taste of Israel Gift Box with Sweet Tahini Box Olive Oil

Taste of Israel Gift Box Sweet Tahini Olive Oil Pomegranate Wine Tahini Date Carob Honey

New Arrival

Share the flavors of the holy land in this wonderful gift basket with your friends, family or coworkers. The delightful tastes of Israel come through in this basket complete with a sweet tahini box, olive oil, pomegranate wine, skhug tahini, date syrup, carob spread and honey.

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MSRP: $159.95
Sale price: $124.95

This 'Taste of Israel' complete gift basket includes delicious pomegranate wine, honey and date syrup, a sweet tahini box, olive oil, spicy skhug tahini and carob spread. All of these wonderful flavors are characteristic of the middle east, and specifically Israel. This is a wonderful gift basket for the lover of culinary adventures, as well as anyone with a taste for good food and wine. The decadent flavors are part of the unique culture of the land of Israel and bring a delightfully flavorful addition to your kitchen and meals. This gift box of Israeli food staples is a wonderful choice for an anniversary or a house warming, or to send to someone too far to bring a gift to in person. The pleasant tastes will linger and the whole box will take a while to finish up. Each item is decorated in a wonderful patterned paper and sat in a box of gift confetti to keep it safe.