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  • Chocolate Gift Basket - Kosher for Passover
    Chocolate Gift Basket - Kosher for Passover

Good Things [Tova U'Metuka] Gift Package - Kosher for Passover

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Delicious selection of chocolates that fill the cloth weave basket. All items are Kosher for Passover - Rabbanut Hechsher. Some items are Kitniyot.

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Woven cloth serving basket with handles is filled with all kinds of yummy treats:

  • Bittersweet Air plumped Chocolate bar
  • Cream filled milk chocolate bar
  • Coconut filled Pesek Zman bar
  • Strawberry filled milk chocolate bar
  • Trail Nuts mix Energy Bar
  • Chocolate Bon Bon Heart Box
  • Bag of Funny Face Taffy bits
  • Bag of Elite mini chocolate bar mix
  • Bag of mini Pesek Zman bars
  • Lemon flavored sugarless Must candies
  • Chocolate Afifiyot
  • Chocolate covered rice cakes.


All items are Kosher for Pesach under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Some items are Kitniyot.