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  • Hanukkah Box of Chocolate for Kids
    Hanukkah Box of Chocolate for Kids
  • Chocolate for Kids
    Chocolate for Kids

FREE Hanukkah Box of Chocolate for Kids

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This delicious Chanukah gift is a wonderful surprise for kids, a great way to give out Chanukah gelt after the candle lighting. They come in a ribbon tied box, and each chocolate is wrapped in fun colorful foil.

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If you are looking for a fun and yummy Chanukah gift for children, young or old, you’ve come to the right place. Your kids will love these delicious milk chocolate bars, brightly wrapped in eye catching Chanukah prints. As a parent, it’s always a challenge to come up with interesting and special presents for Hanukkah, and these ten scrumptious chocolate bars will be a sure winner and a special treat for any chocolate loving kid. The chocolates are kosher badatz Agudat Israel and Chalav Israel.

It’s a tradition to give Chanukah gelt after the evenings’ candle lighting to the children, and these delectable chocolates are a great Hanukkah traditions gift. Made with only Israeli products, this is one gift from Israel you don’t want to miss out on. Products from Israel have a special unique quality and these delicious Chanukah treats are no exception, made with the finest milk chocolate around. This

Israel basket is a wonderful way to sweeten up your kids’ Hanukkah, and the beautifully decorated wrappers will teach them about the holiday with their elaborate and interesting Hanukkah pictures. So add this amazing box of chocolates to your list of Hanukkah gifts and be sure to order them today for a special and unique Hanukkah surprise.