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  • Deluxe Passover Gift Basket
    Deluxe Passover Gift Basket

Deluxe Passover Gift Basket

No Longer Available

A deluxe gift basket with a beautifully illustrated Hagada made by the Chase foundation, a handmade ceramic plate for Matza, olive oil, wine, comfiture, halva, charoshet and more 

Kosher Chief Rabbinate 

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MSRP: $179.95
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A deluxe Passover Gift Basket including:
1)      Organic Olive oil
2)      "Aviv" Red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon
3)      Ceramic Matza plate
4)      Mini whole wheat matza
5)      Plum comfiture
6)      Vanilla pistachio Halva
7)      Sesame paste
8)      Organic Charoshet
9)      Special Hagada, illustrated by the Chimes organization which helps people with special needs.