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  • Passover Traditions Basket
    Passover Traditions Basket

Passover Traditions Basket

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Looking for a great Passover gift to give your hosts on Seder night? Nagaya's Out of The Box gift, filled with whole wheat chocolate covered Matza, halva, sesame/peanut butter snack, charoshet and horseradish spread and dates, is the ideal gift.
Kosher Badatz , Mehadrin Chatam Sofer 
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Enjoy this wonderfully festive "Out of The Box" design, filled with everything that’s good and delicious for Passover. This Passover gift basket includes:
1)      Organic whole wheat Matzoh, covered in chocolate.
2)      Organic horseradish
3)      Organic charoshet
4)      Peanut brittle or sesame snack
5)      Authentic vanilla Halva, Kosher Lemehadrin, Bedatz , Chatam Sofer, Bnei Brak
6)      Silan Dates
7)      Greeting card
Nagaya is known for its wonderful quality of providing healthy food and at the same time giving back to the community and the Out of The Box project is just one way of giving back. Out of The Box was formed in 2011 with a limited edition. For each box that is bought, the proceeds will go towards helping a teenager at risk to receive the tools to lead a career in designing. 
Kosher Badatz , Mehadrin Chatam Sofer