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  • Oznei Haman [Haman Ears] Mishloach Manot Gift Package
    Oznei Haman [Haman Ears] Mishloach Manot Gift Package

FREE Oznei Haman [Haman Ears] Mishloach Manot Gift Package

No Longer Available

Triangle shaped gift box of Elite chocolates and rattle to remember what Haman did to the Jewish people as the story of Purim is read from Megillat Esther. Send Mishloach Manot gift packages to all your friends and family. Kosher from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel

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These festively decorated gift packages are three cornered shaped to remember the triangle shaped hat that was worn by the evil Haman. The purim story is read from Megillat Esther and much fun is made of Haman, his hat and his ears by Jewish children of all ages. This Mishloach manos package from the Elite chocolate store includes:


  • A colorful plastic rattle to make noise when hearing the name of Haman during the reading of the Megillah on Purim
  • Assorted taffies
  • Megadim Chocolate wafer bar with chocolate cream layered filling
  • Tuv Ta'am chocolate covered wafer
  • Mini Mekupelet, PesekZman and KifKef bars


All under the Kashrut of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, some items are Mehadrin Megadim hashgacha.