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  • Honey & Olive Oil Gift Basket
    Honey & Olive Oil Gift Basket

Honey & Olive Oil Gift Basket


This mixture of Honey, olive oil together with chocolate and nuts will delight anyone.  This is the perfect classic kosher gift basket for

Hanukkah or New Year. 

Kosher Badatz

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This is a beautifully convenient kosher gift basket, which will keep anyone happy who likes both chocolate and healthy pure olive oil.  Packaged in a classy square decorated box, this gift is packed full of a superb collection of sweet treats, Pure Honey (130gr) and Olive oil (250 ml).  You can enjoy a selection of Almonds in milk chocolate sprinkled in sugar (70 gr) or hazelnuts in dark chocolate sprinkled in sugar (70 gr).  Beautifully made, these chocolate and nut delights are bound to make anyone’s new year just that little bit sweeter.  So, when you give this gift basket to family or friends, it will brighten their new year celebrations. 


Kosher Badatz, Agudat Israel , Chalav Israel