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  • Magical Melody Crystal Gift Fruit Tray – Israel delivery only
    Magical Melody Crystal Gift Fruit Tray – Israel delivery only

Magical Melody Crystal Gift Fruit Tray – Israel delivery only


Sliced, arranged & designed by a Master Chef. Exclusive gift basket delivered in Israel only. Available as Kosher for Passover gift basket also, Kashrut given by Rabbinate of Be'er Yaakov

Process Time (business days): 1
SKU : 7551

Allow 1 business day, before due date (Israel, Sunday-Thursday)

MSRP: $159.00
Sale price: $99.95

Do you have an important business meeting? A Client you are expected to meet? Want to meet with a good friend for an intimate conversation? Tropical Fruit tray "Magic Melody", will add a touch of elegance and freshness to your meeting with a light snack of juicy and healthy sliced fruit which will provide a tasty alternative to the fattening cookies and mini pastries. Your customers will thank you and you will not feel heavy at the end of the meeting, but vigorous, energized, and ready for the next meeting. You will be 'singing' the praises of the Magical Melody gift tray as an indulging treat for any occasion.

The moments of "magic tune" includes such varieties as*;
Sweet ripe figs; exotic starfruit slices; Pink Lady or fragrant Hermon apple slices; red, sweet strawberries; slices of fresh coconut; golden deliciouskumquat (Chinese Orange); juicy slices of fresh pineapple; exotic Koubo fruit halves – all fragrant and sweet; delicious and stunning passion fruit; peeled and juicy grapefruit slices; and  for dessert – natures energy bar – a plump date filled with chopped walnuts. All Cut fruit pieces are served on a bed of natural green leaves.

Also included are two Magical sauces for an extra indulgence made from Strawberry and passion fruit
27X53 cm crystal-like rounded rectagular tray
Hors d'overs forks / spoons, so you can start enjoying these edible treats immediately.

* This image is for illustration purposes only! Changes may be made in the variety of fruits in accordance with the seasons.

  • Genre: Israel - Fresh Fruit Platters