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  • Max Brenner Chocolate Passion Gift Box
    Max Brenner Chocolate Passion Gift Box

Max Brenner Chocolate Passion Gift Box


The  Pattern collection includes Max Brenner’s all time best selling Gift box. This masterful gift offers something for every chocolate lover. The Bald Man adds his own rendition of crunchy wafers to complete the mix. Kosher Chief Rabbinate, Israel

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Max Brenner's Chocolates was created in the year 1996 in the city of Ra'anana in Israel, simply Max Fichtman tofgether with his friend, Oded Brenner. They put together their particular names to supply a title to the fantastic "Bald Man" Purportedly behind these great sweets. The organization started off using in one small store (growing to 10 by 1999) in the center of town promoting tasty made by hand bon bons.
Brenner became acquainted with chocolatier Michel Chaudun the particular maestro. He apprenticed himself inside Chaudun's Parisian chocolaterie. The work was challenging, as he studied his master's procedure from 1990 and for six prolonged years. With this conventional technique brenner realized the particular work associated with great chocolate-making using the great French tradition that he and his partner delivered to Israel.
That superb treat package contains:
FAVORITE ESPRESSO Cubes of milk chocolate stuffed with nougat flavored espresso. 40 grams.
NUTS Chinese pecans wrapped in nuggets and cocoa powder 40 g.
100% PURE Milk chocolate pages. 70 grams