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  • Max Brenner #12: Purim Box of Chocolates
    Max Brenner #12: Purim Box of Chocolates

Max Brenner #12: Purim Box of Chocolates

No Longer Available
A Max Brenner top quality extravagant & delightful gift basket. Kosher Chief Rabbinate, Israel
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Decorative round carton hatbox filled with:

  • TEXTURE BONBONS S An assortment of 9 pralines made with familiar traditional flavors and more distinctive modern flavors 80g
  • PURE DARK CHOCOLATE 6 thin squares of high quality pure max Brenner bittersweet chocolate 70g
  • SNOWIES crunchy pistachio bits in nougat and wrapped in white chocolate 80g
  • ESPRESSO milk chocolate cubes with espresso nougat made from guava beans 80g
  • PECAN FAVORITE Caramelized pecans wrapped in nougat and dark cocoa powder 40g
  • ORANGE FAVORITE Orange peel nougat and caramelized pecan bits in milk chocolate cubes. 40g

Kosher Chief Rabbinate, Israel

About Max Brenner Chocolates (Made In Israel)
In January 2000, Max Brenner introduced the 'New Chocolate Culture' at an exclusive exhibition in San Francisco. Innovation in a traditional sphere such as chocolate creates enthusiasm for all gourmet professionals, and the food and lifestyle media and observers around the world were surprised to see Israelis selling chocolates to the Swiss. The exclusive London department store, Harrods, chose Max Brenner and Chocolate Culture as their leading theme for the new millennium and opened the world's first 'Chocolate Bar'.