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  • Max Brenner Chocolate Delights Gift Box
    Max Brenner Chocolate Delights Gift Box

Max Brenner Chocolate Delights Gift Box

This premium collection of Max Brenner treats is the ultimate sweet gift for the holidays, birthday, or any time. the signature hamper and reusable tins are full of bonbons, truffles and other chocolaty treats. Kosher Chief Rabbinate, Israel
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Max Brenner, Israel's classiest Chocolate company has been a gift center since 1996 in the location of Ra'anana, Israel. Max Brenner goodies are developed Maxi Fichtman together with his friend Oded Brenner. They specifically merged their unique monikers to produce a fresh label for their  "Bald Man" logo supposedly guiding these types of prosperous, wonderful delights. This business began working with 1 storefront location to become the international rage Max Brenner is today, marketing delightful homemade chocolate confections.
Brenner apprenticed himself to chocolatier Michel Chaudun and also persuaded the maestro to help him in order to develop a new uniquely Israeli type chocolaterie. The more than 5 years Fichtman expended inside of Chaudun's kitchen was important and also, together with his one of a kind taste allowed the "Bald Man" to represent an  absolutely Israeli chocolate place the world over. Max Brenner shows this attributes linked to wonderful chocolate restos that differ from the  European traditions where brenner trained.
This specific delectable variety has these characteristics:
FAVORITE HAZELNUT Chocolate milk cubes filled with nuggets and hazelnuts. 40 grams.
NUTS Chinese pecans wrapped in nuggets and cocoa powder. 40 grams.
Almond almonds in caramel wrapped in nugget and cocoa powder. 80 grams.
DARK CHOCOLATE WITH COCOA NIBS Excellent dark chocolate with fragments of cocoa beans from West Africa. 80 grams.
ALMOND CUBES Milk chocolate cubes are excellent with almond cream and crunchy almonds. 100 g.