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  • Max Brenner Wine & Chocolates Gift Box
    Max Brenner Wine & Chocolates Gift Box

Max Brenner Wine & Chocolates Gift Box

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This luxury Wine and chocolate combo melds the specialness of rich milk chocolate and creamy chocolate truffles with a toasty Cabernet Sauvignon Red table wine. A perfect dessert to be shared with loved ones and savored. Kosher Chief Rabbinate 
Kosher for Passover
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Great Max Brenner Chocolates is Israel's high-class manufacturer of chocolate confections. The company has been around from 1996, beginning from the Greater Tel Aviv metropolis community, Ra'anana. Max Brenner candies is made simply by Maxi Fichtman together with his close associate Oded Brenner. They especially blended their own monikers to offer a fresh identify to name their mascot, "Bald Man" allegedly guiding these kind of superb desserts. The organization started out working with 1 simple storefront, marketing delicious hand-crafted chocolate confections.
Brenner was apprenticed for 6 years to particular chocolatier Michel Chaudun. He gained confidence of his maestro to aid formulation some uniquely Israeli fashion chocolaterie. The greater than five years Fichtman put in inside Chaudun's kitchen ended up crucial plus, together with his unique tastes permitted him to manufacture an absolutely Israeli original chocolate happening. Max-Brenner displays these qualities regarding superb chocolate which made history in Israel.
This unique delicious variety's characteristics are:
FAVORITE HAZELNUT Cubes of milk chocolate filled with nuggets and hazelnuts. 40 grams.
FAVORITE PEANUT Milk chocolate cubes filled with ground roasted peanuts and roasted peanuts. 40 grams.
NUTS Chinese pecans wrapped in nuggets and cocoa powder 40 g.
ALMOND CHOCKIES Milk chocolate stuffed with nougat and rolled with roasted almonds. 80 grams.
Bittersweet chocolate with cocoa powder fragments 80 grams.
MILK CHOCOLATE WITH ROASTED COCONUT BITS Excellent milk chocolate with roasted coconut chips. 80 grams.
CABERNET SAUVIGNON VISION Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in an elite plot in the Judean Lowland vineyards 750 ml