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  • Max Brenner Stimulating Chocolate Gift Box
    Max Brenner Stimulating Chocolate Gift Box

Max Brenner Stimulating Chocolate Gift Box

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This Large Pattern collection box contains favorite Max Brenner bon bons in a top selling Gift set. This eye-catching package offers what  every chocolate lover wants! This selection comes packed in reusable canisters. packed with rich flavors dark and milk chocolate. The Bald Man, here includes his richest truffles to complete this mouth-watering blend. Order one for yourself, as well.
Kosher Chief Rabbinate Israel
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Max Brenner, Israel's famous luxury Chocolate maker has been in business since 1996 in Ra'anana, Israel. The company was founded by Maxim Fichtman with his friend Oded Brenner. They exactly combined their own names to present a new label for the imaginary "Bald Man" allegedly behind these great candies. The business enterprise started off using 1 modest storefront from the buying district marketing delectable handmade chocolate confections.
Brenner satisfied chocolatier Michel Chaudun with his seriousness and persuaded his maestro to apprentice him in Chauhan's Central Paris chocolaterie. The six years in Chaudun's shop proved essential and, with his own researched allowed Max to create a truly Israeli chocolate phenomenon. Max Brenner exhibits the art work connected with great chocolate that is a European standard today in Israel.
This specific delicious pack has:
FAVORITE HAZELNUT Chocolate milk cubes filled with nuggets and hazelnuts. 40 grams.
NUTS Chinese pecans wrapped in nuggets and cocoa powder. 40 grams.
ALMONDS almonds in caramel wrapped in nugget and cocoa powder. 80 grams.
DARK CHOCOLATE WITH COCOA NIBS Excellent dark chocolate with fragments of cocoa beans from West Africa. 80 grams.
ALMOND CUBES Milk chocolate cubes with almond cream and crunchy almonds. 100 g.