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  • Max Brenner Large Chocolate Gift Box
    Max Brenner Large Chocolate Gift Box

Max Brenner Large Chocolate Gift Box

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This is Max Brenner’s most extensive gift selection. Everything But the kitchen sink is here for your pleasure. No gift could better express love ve or gratitude. There is so much Max brenner goodness here that you need to read on to see it. Kosher Chief Rabbinate Israel

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Max Brenner, Israel's extreme Chocolates designer have been on selling their wares from the urban center of Ra'anana, Israel for almost 18 years. Maxi Fichtman and Oded Brenner pegt project has since become a worldwide phenomenon! That they specially assembled their own names to produce a refreshing identify for the fictional, "Bald Man"  who is the "power" behind these great chocolate candies. The venture started employing just 1 sincere storefront, marketing enjoyable hand made chocolate confections in 1996.your enjoyment
Brenner apprenticed in the old way to chocolatier Michel Chaudun in France. Along the way, he convinced his maestro to help your him to develop his actual uniquely Israeli chocolaterie concept. With just about a 5 year very extensive period Fichtman spent in Chaudun's kitchen along with his own vision regarding chocolate granted Max Brenner the success creating an incredibly Israeli chocolate experience. Max Brenner displays these specific features relevant to great chocolate that is a European custom in Israel.
This kind of delectable choice characteristic:
FAVORITE ESPRESSO milk chocolate cubes filled with espresso flavored nougat . 40 g.
NUTS nougat covered pecans and cocoa powder 40 .grm.
CARAMEL & SEA SALT CHICAO great drops of milk chocolate with caramel chips and sea salt. 60 g.
100% Pure milk chocolate pages. 70 g.
ALMONDS Carmelized Almonds wrapped in nougat and cocoa powder. 80 g.
CHOCKIES CASHEW excellent white chocolate filled with pieces of roasted cashewm rolled in nougat . 80 g.
MILK CHOCOLATE WITH ROASTED COCONUT BITS excellent milk chocolate with roasted coconut chips 80 grams.
DARK TRUFFLE Dark chocolate cubes rolled in cocoa powder. 80 g.
PEANUT Milk chocolate cubes filled with grounded and roasted peanuts, covered in roasted peanuts fragments. 100 g.
MILK MARBLES Cereal balls wrapped in milk chocolate, nougat and cocoa powder. 150 g.