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  • Max Brenner's  First Aid Chocolate Gift Box
    Max Brenner's  First Aid Chocolate Gift Box

Max Brenner's First Aid Chocolate Gift Box

From Max Brenner for the true Chocolate addict. This Premium Collection of rich confections come packed in a reusable metal box labeled "First Aid Chocolate Box" in big white on red print. Whimsy aside, this is a Chocolate Culture classic. 
Kosher Chief Rabbinate Israel.
Kosher for Passover
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MSRP: $99.95
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Max Brenner, Israel's high-class Chocolate producer has been around since 1996 starting in the city of Ra'anana, Israel. Max Brenner chocolates was  created by Maxi Fichtman along with his close friend Oded Brenner. They specifically mixed their own monikers to provide a fresh name to their mascot, "Bald Man" purportedly guiding these rich, wonderful sweets. The business enterprise started out making use of 1 humble storefront, marketing scrumptious hand crafted chocolate confections.
Brenner apprenticed himself to French chocolatier Michel Chaudun and also convinced his maestro to help him to develop a uniquely Israeli style chocolaterie. The more than five years Fichtman spent within Chaudun's kitchens turned out crucial and also, along with his unique taste permitted Max to create a truly Israeli chocolate happening. Max Brenner demonstrates the attributes associated with wonderful chocolate that's a European tradition within Israel.
This specific delectable selection features:
FAVORITE HAZELNUT Cubes of milk chocolate filled with nuggets and hazelnuts. 40 grams.
FAVORITE ADDICTION Milk chocolate cubes filled with nuggets and Chinese pecans. 40 grams.
FAVORITE ESPRESSO Cubes of milk chocolate filled with nougat flavored espresso. 40 grams.
NUTS Chinese pecans wrapped in nuggets and cocoa powder 40 g.
CARAMEL & SEA SALT CHICAO drops excellent milk chocolate with caramel chips and sea salt. 60 grams.