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  • Spices Jar Gift Box
    Spices Jar Gift Box

Spices Jar Gift Box


These delightful spice jars come with some of Israel's best home grown spices inside. Enjoy the delicious bounty of the holy land with this Tu Bishvat Israel Basket and taste the flavors of Israel wherever you choose to incorporate them. Gift Wrapped

SKU : 17108

Allow 1 business day, before due date (Israel, Sunday-Thursday)

MSRP: $69.95
Sale price: $49.95

A terrific way to celebrate Israel's nature and natural bounty, this glass jar spice set comes with Turmeric, Hyssop and Paprika inside that are delicious reminders of the unique touch god gave the holy land, uniquely flavorful and wonderfully Mediterranean, this Israel basket is the best way to celebrate the new year of the green growing things, and will last as long as you make it last so that the flavor of Israel doesn't have to leave so soon. You will certainly enjoy the home grown natural flavors that come from the different parts of Israel and so will anyone lucky enough to have this sent to them for Tu Bishvat or otherwise.