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A Private Matter Gift Basket - Kosher for Passover

No Longer Available

This classy wooden gift chest filled with a little bit of the finest combination of quality wine and chocolates is an excellent choice for any special occasion. Kosher for Passover - Chief Rabbanate.Some items may be Kitniyot.

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MSRP: $170.42
Sale price: $109.95

A variety of chocolate items tastefully fill this beautiful wooden chest with a home decor plate - making this gift the perfect choice for all 'chocolate cravers' with an extra decor gift set for any home or office.

We have taken the finest products and arranged them in a beautiful presentation to make an even bigger impression for every occasion. Packed with rich chocolates, this gift basket will leave your recipients in awe.

Boasting premium wine from the famous 'Gamla' wine series made in the Golan wineries, the basket is also teeming with a selected variety of gourmet chocolates that perfectly complement the wines.

The chocolates may include a selection from:

  • Sebste - Italian made chocolate
  • Pernigotti - Italian made chocolate
  • Frey Supreme- Swiss chocolate
  • Wawel - European chocolate

Kosher for Passover - Chief Rabbinate of Israel Hechsher.

Some items may be Kitniyot.

About EstiB:

At EstiB, we create unique, elegant, and delicious luxury gifts that are truly in a class of their own. Our extraordinary selection of gifts and gift baskets has helped us to build a reputation for the highest quality products (all-kosher) and service that clients will find in Israel. We are committed to a unique, full-service approach, focused on the satisfaction of our customers, while we address the personal needs, interests, and requirements of our clients.

Our gift basketsare always tasteful and charming, perfect for any occasion, and offer an exceptional way to show how much you care. Every gift sent from EstiB Gifts is crafted with great thought and care to deliver joy to your loved ones, you can take comfort in the fact that we have seen to every detail to make your gift memorable.