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  • Rosh Hashanah In Style
    Rosh Hashanah In Style

Rosh Hashanah In Style

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Any hostess will be proud to receive this lovely gift. A variety of treats complements a designer serving bowl. these items include Ornat Square, bittersweet, & Blossom Bonbons, pomegranate comfiture, Walnut honey, and pralines. Treat yourself to one; your guests will love the treats.

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Rosh Hashanah In Style Is a thoughtful way to thank your hostess, wife, etc. A designer serving bowl is complemented by delicious treats including Ornat Blossom, Square, & Bittersweet Bonbons & pralines, Pomegranate Preserve, and Walnut honey.
Kosher Chief rabbinate

The Jewish law central book, the Mishnah, (Oral Torah) considers Rosh HaShana the definitive Jewish New Year.
Rabbinic literature describes the day of Rosh HaShana as Yom HaDin, judgment day. In the  or Liturgical poetry (Payutim), God is called King and Holy Judge on his divine throne judging on mankind on Rosh Hashanah. Two Metaphorical books are open. One book of life & blessing and the alternative with God making verdicts for the coming year based upon past performance.
Prayer services are longer than any other day during the year. They include (except on Shabbat) dramatic shofar blowing. Shofar blasts and inspirational readings are designed to wake the congregation to the awesome day of DIN. On the first afternoon (or if Shabbat, the second,) congregants assemble at a natural body of water. The Tashlikh ceremony, a symbolic casting off of sin is performed. The Rabbis designed this ceremony to teach us about how awesome the miracle of God judging on Rosh Hashanah and forgiveness on Yom Kippur really is!