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  • Sweet Rosh Hashanah Basket
    Sweet Rosh Hashanah Basket

Sweet Rosh Hashanah Basket

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The ultimate wish for a sweet Jewish new year, this Rosh Hashanah Basket is loaded with sweet treats from the Holy land & the world. Bless your friends & family with a sweet year. This is the perfect take along gift for Sukkah visits.

Kosher chief Rabbinate

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Sweet Rosh Hashanah Basket


3 assorted Chocolate bars

Chocolate Bonbons

Candied citrus rinds

Assorted pralines

Apple/Pomegranate Candies

Jar of honey

Kosher chief Rabbinate


Elul, the last month of the Jewish Year, comes right before Rosh Hashanah and the high holidays. The month, Elul begins the annual period of Jewish repentance. This process of introspection continues through Rosh Hashanah, judgment day, ten days of repentance culminating on the holiest day of the year for Jewish people, Yom Kippur.

Shofar blasts are sounded in synagogues each day throughout the month of Elul.

The shofar is unique in its ability to wake sleeping hearts from and remind us that Rosh Hashanah; the annual day of judgment is at coming.

Orthodox, as well as most, Conservative congregations refrain from blowing shofar on the Sabbath, even when the awesome day (Rosh Hashanah) falls on Shabbat, and likewise blow in Elul only on weekdays.

Selichot (penitential readings) are recited Daily in Elul and during the days of repentance through Yom Kippur Slichot in Elul are said about midnight or early before shaharit (Morning prayers).

Elul is a time for self improvement, what better time to remember geographically separated family & friends?